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Alter Egos provides: Masque & The Alter Egos Experience  

Alter Egos is an art and craft company based in Kansas City, Missouri.  Alter Egos was established in 2013.  We provide craft kits, art accessories, and party services.  Our company believes people can create their own character with our products.

The first product of Alter Egos is Masque.  Masque is a mask making kit.  Our kit allows for two custom fit and personalized face masks.  Masque is perfect for Halloween, Mardi Gras, New Year's Eve, a masquerade ball or any other event.  Masque is a fun, easy creative activity for all.  Our product will make your costume complete and unique.  Once your mask is done, have fun.

The Alter Egos Experience is a service where A.E. helps patrons host a mask-making party.  Alter Egos will provide product and offer assistance in helping design and build masks.  Guests can build their own mask with our mask making kit or an Alter Egos Master Mask-Maker can build it for them.  People will have the chance to also paint and decorate their new masks.  The Alter Egos Experience is for groups of five people or greater.  Please contact us for more details.  
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